Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How Shall I Get Elephants To Stay (a book of dreams)

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We sleep.
We dream.

During sleep the body and mind repairs itself in order to thrive. It is a time for restoration where essential truths are revealed in the realm of dreams, engaging with all the senses.

In dreams, perception of time and space defies scientific laws. There are no rules in these
surreal vistas, only an invitation to explore, untethered, and learn the true nature of our fears and desires.

Throughout history a reverence for the power and meaning of dreams has shaped civilisations.  They provide us with a potent awareness of ourselves and our bearing in the world.

How Shall I Get Elephants to Stay is an account of my own vivid dreams, illustrated and embodied by my photographs, paintings and sculptures. The title itself is from a vivid dream which showed me writing this book. It is my testimony to the beauty, wonder and mystery of the inner and outer natural worlds.

Worldly Possessions – a song beginning with water and ending with flesh.
In this book the nature and landscape photographs are incidental, nothing is staged. Many of the photographs being taken on my phone as the moment requires. I'm fascinated by the way dreams and waking life often overlap. Uncannily offering a timely metaphor to underline a message sent by the subconscious. Bringing this nocturnal awareness into the daylight helps me to strengthen an alliance with my environment, to discover my bearing in the world and to perceive subtleties of seemingly reciprocal influence.